Conference dates announced at the University of Bristol: 2-3 June 2022. More information on this blog under conference including themes and questions.

Wednesday 27 April 2022: Postgraduate and Early Career workshop to be held online for discuss broad range of topics and work in progress, formative or early conclusions.

Friday 14 January 2022: We are holding a network discussion workshop with colleagues in Beijing and Shanghai exploring the contexts and drivers of private museums in China.

The workshop is organised to respond to the exponential growth in museum projects in Asia over the last decade. The workshop will explore typologies of private museums, the socio-economic context for their growth, and the relation between private and public spheres in a late socialist context. Debate will also focus on the implications of the private museum boom: from considering collectors, consumers and amateur enthusiasts; to the role of private museums in rural and urban planning.

Case Studies: We are collating short research snapshots of private museums and private heritage in Asia. The first of these is written by Dr Lisheng Zhang, Peking University, and is published on this blog.

Online Workshops: At the inaugural network meeting in September, we agreed to hold a series of smaller online workshops to keep dialogue and discussion open. More details will be announced shortly.

September 2021: The inaugural network meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th September. We have network members participating and presenting short discussion papers to map out the processes and politics of private museums and heritage in Asia.