Postgraduate and Early Career Workshop is taking place on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

This online workshop aims to open a dialogue between doctoral students and early career researchers on the theme of museums, heritage and material culture in Bristol and Leiden. We are inviting researchers to submit expressions of interest to present a short outline of their work-in-progress (either formative or early conclusions). We are interested in all topics related to museums, heritage and material culture, though we are particularly keen to hear about:

  • Private museums and private heritage
  • Contested histories, contested objects
  • Ethnographic collections research
  • Impacts of new technologies on museums and heritage sites
  • New approaches to museums, heritage and material culture

Please submit a short expression of interest with presentation title and abstract to the co-organisers:

Prof Graeme Were

Prof Pieter ter Keurs


The second meeting of the network is taking place as an online discussion workshop on Friday 14 January 2022.

The workshop is organised to respond to the exponential growth in museum projects in Asia over the last decade. The workshop will explore typologies of private museums, the socio-economic context for their growth, and the relation between private and public spheres in a late socialist context. Debate will also focus on the implications of the private museum boom: from considering collectors, consumers and amateur enthusiasts; to the role of private museums in rural and urban planning.

The Workshop programme can be downloaded here.


The first meeting of the network is taking place as an online workshop on 8-9 September 2021.

The workshop will be divided between two days to account for time zones and maximise discussion and networking. We have scholars and museum professionals participating from the China, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, USA and Vietnam.

The Workshop programme can be downloaded here.

Aside from networking amongst colleagues, the aim of the workshop is to present short discussion papers to explore and map the landscape of private-sector activities in museums, heritage and commemoration in East and Southeast Asia.

The workshop will finish with a group discussion to set out the themes and agenda for a major conference at the University of Bristol in 2022.